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Benefits of Yoga in this Covid Pandemic

 We all have heard about yoga somewhere somehow but there is a very low count of people who believe that yoga can is a milestone when we have walked enough in a very bad shape, meaning yoga has brought us soothing light, especially for those who built their belief around it. Let us understand what yoga is, yoga is a traditional practice generally performed by many great saints and scholars in the time of Vedas, and still, in many parts of India, it is performed very chantingly especially in Rishikesh. As yoga is a very pure yet very peaceful form of receiving mental, physical, emotional balances . We have started teaching Yoga’s many forms in its own originality, we have started 200 Hour Yoga teaching training in India over hundreds of body postures called asanas, every asana has its own values, beliefs, and medical benefits which is vividly teaching in our ashram . Nobody really knows but unknowingly we are damaging ourselves by sitting in a bad posture or sleeping in a bad post

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

  Oceanic Yoga school established in 2007. We offer the best Yoga Teacher Training Course, like 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training , 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training , 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training have registered with Yoga Alliance USA.